With a production capacity of over 55000MT per year, this division has the capability of making silver coated mirrors and aluminum coated mirrors. We are the only one in Pakistan to produce silver coated mirrors for high end applications and we produce aluminum mirrors with magnetron sputter coater which is the latest technology of the world. We also produce soft coated reflective glass via this magnetron sputter coater to give you the best quality products.

Mirror Lines

Ghani Silver Mirror is a clear or tinted silvered glass of exceptionally high quality and durability. This Improved manufacturing process also improves the optical quality of the product and significantly increases its longevity through better resistance to corrosion.

A new generation mirror is produced by Ghani Value Glass using an environmentally friendly process on the latest machines of the world.

It transforms internal spaces with brilliance and perspective. It provides optical quality and durability. If gives you easy processing and installation. Above all it increases the feeling of space and makes interior beautiful.

Ghani Aluminum Mirror is produced through horizontal production line which is the most advanced production equipment for coating aluminum mirror. Our aluminum mirror is best quality in Pakistan. That is suitable for any processed and edge working, such as: decorative mirror, furniture mirror, art mirror, bathroom mirror, beveled mirror, shape mirror, framed mirror, shelf mirror, dressing mirror, cosmetic mirror, hotel mirror, mosaic mirror and other processed mirror etc. Quality aluminum mirror sheet is usually coated by two layers of paints.
lts range of applications very wide like in communal areas in office or apartment blocks: entrance halls, lifts or landings, in shopping centers and retail stores, in restaurants, public buildings, offices, clinics and hospitals, furniture (tables, cupboard doors and shelves)

Technical Specifications:
– Max glass size : 96″ x 144″
– Min glass size : 72″ x 84″
– Thickness of glass: 2mm – 6 mm
– Capacity : 80 tons/ day (Mix Product)

Technical specifications.
– Max glass size : 96″ x 144″
– Min glass size : 72″ x 84″
– Glass thickness: 2mm-6mm
– Capacity 80 tons/ day (Mix Product)