Double Glazed Glass

Double Glazed Glass

Ghani Double Glazed Glass is another giant leap of science and technology towards the paradigm of human comfort and luxury. Ghani Value Glass being dedicated to its mission statement “to achieve and maintain highest standard of product quality and ultimate customer’s satisfaction” that carries out operations of double glazed glass on state of the art
machines. Ghani Valte Class double glazing machine is fully automatic. Double glazing also known as insulated glazing are double or triple glass window panes separated by air or other gas (argon) filled space to reduce heat transfer across a part of the building envelope. Glass in windows is used to provide light and allow a view from elther side to the other
side. The importance to the construction is its dimensional stability over a wide temperature range, Ghani Double Glazed Glass units are manufactured with glass in range of thickness from 2mm to 19mm or more in special applications. Laminated or tempered giass may also be used as a part of the construction.
Most units are manufactured with the same thickness of glass used on both
panes (citation needed) but special applications such as acoustic attenuation or security may require wide range of thicknesses to be incorporated in the same unit.

New technology has emerged at Ghani Value Glass to combat the heat loss from traditional spacer bars, including improvements to the structural performance and long term durability of improved metal and foam spacers.

Technical Specifications:

– Compliant with ASTM E 2190
– Max glass size : 2500 mm x 3000 mm
– Min glass size : 280 mm x 400 mm
– Glass thickness : 3 – 12 mm
– Max speed of washing/drying : 7 m/min
– Scores of aesthetic or performance options
– Air spacer for high condensation resistance
– Dual seal construction with continuously sealed air space corners
– Georgian Bar insulating glass
– 20 years limited warranty

Triple Glazed Glass

Triple-pane windows, also referred to as triple-glazed windows, have three panes of glass. There is a gap between each pane which may house an insulating gas like argon. The increased insulating air space of triple-pane glass delivers even better energy efficiency and noise reduction.

Triple Glazed Window Benefits
Noise reduction. A warmer home thanks to less heat loss. Increased efficiency which leads to lower energy bills. Could help to reduce condensation.