Leaders in glass industry

Our brand is the most recognized in the glass industry of the region. Strong market share, largest glass production, most sophisticated plant and machinery, turbo paced innovation, strict adherence to international quality procedures, apt human resource, global exports of quality glass products and decades long success track record, all have paved our way to the destination of being the market leaders in the region.

Pioneer in Class 100,000 clean room & auto shrink wrap packaging

Ghani has taken the lead to set up Class 100,000 Clean Room Facility along with an automatic shrink wrap packaging, ensuring no man handling and getting the pharmaceutical glass containers to be packed in ready to be filled packaging. ISO 14644-1 / Class 100,000 / Class 8 is implemented, where HEPA, HVAC parametric control, training and protocolized entrance make possible to abide by customer’s commitment as a supplier of primary packaging for medicinal products.

First to implement FSSC Standards (food safety management system)

Ghani again took the lead to implement first time, the FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification) – for Food & Beverage glass containers in particular. FSSC 22000 is fully recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and is based on existing ISO Standards. It demonstrates company has a robust Food Safety Management System in place that meets the requirements of your customers and consumers.

Largest float glass production capacity

With two modern and state of the art float glass manufacturing facilities in the country, Ghani Glass has become the largest float glass producer in the country. Both the furnaces have the capacity to produce 1,000 TPD of high quality float glass with an individual capacity of 450 TPD and 550 TPD. The plants are capable of producing thicknesses from 2 mm to 19 mm for all types of float glass variants.

Strong CSR (corporate social responsibility) practices

Ghani is spending over Rs.100 million p.a. for the CSR Activities. Ghani Glass is focusing on CSR and trying to do best by doing its part as Contribution in Health & Education Sector, CSR activities for employees for their well-being and proper look after, rendering responsibilities as a responsible member of society with a Green Environment concept by following environment and health friendly standards and most importantly supporting the labour class of our society through vigorous series of exclusively designed Social Welfare and Family support programs. Helping not only the labour class but also their dependents up to a huge scale.

Largest market share

GGL’s combined production from all plants is the largest glass production of the country. The company tags on the largest market share in all its glass categories; may it be float glass division or containers glass division. Commitment to quality and customer care has enabled the company to achieve dominant market shares in Pakistan with pharmaceutical glass containers share at 86% and foods & beverages glass containers share at 73% and float glass share at 71%.

New product development

Ghani features one of the industry’s most highly regarded, expert and professional technical team, supported with a backup of strong R&D in house and expertise in all processes, procedures and controls, with a high success rate for new production run, fast paced innovation in glass formations and designs. This gives Ghani a technical edge over competitors and enables to achieve highest standards of quality in all its glass packaging production and enables to fulfill the customized requirement of its esteemed customers.

Production with comprehensive quality assurance

Ghani Glass ensures that all international quality standards are met with at all levels of production at the plants. Specially trained and professionally skilled quality control supervisors and managers are deployed to guarantee quality at all stages of production. The pharmaceutical glass containers’ production facilities of Ghani were first to ensure GMP standards and stick to ISO standards for environment protection. Float glass manufacturing facility feature latest ASTM standards.

Indigenous raw material

Ghani Glass has a superlative advantage over others, as Ghani itself owns and operates largest silica sand mines (the basic raw material in glass production) in Pakistan in the private sector. Giving it a great strategic competitive point of difference. This facilitates Ghani to achieve low production costs while ensuring high quality of raw material, ensuring the finest quality glass production and delivering best quality to customers, globally.

Interest free operations

All operations at Ghani are interest free and all investment in upcoming projects is managed from the internal pool. This enables Ghani to have a high margin of profits, security for stakeholders, strong market dominance, larger margin to set up operational benchmarks and eventually have more gains in all respects. Moreover, Low debt/equity ratio enables Ghani to have a very strong market share and ensures a high dividend to its stakeholders; at the same time along with adherence to the strong ideology of Islam.

Strategic located

Strategically located, properly machined, clean, safe and efficient, with a comprehensive reach within the region and concise coverage with the globe. Moreover, export competitiveness, proximity to GCC & South Asian Markets gives GGL an additional edge.

Excellent customer services

Ghani’s technical and marketing team are highly is highly responsive to any complaint and trouble shooting from production till final receipt of goods. Benchmarks are set for ensuring professional and effective after sales customers’ services in order to achieve and maintain highest level of customer satisfaction and delight. All necessary steps are undertaken at each level of interaction with customers and to ensure customer retention and retain positive brand image.

Values-based leadership

Ghani’s business philosophy is based on integrity, accountability, communication, teamwork, quality, process discipline and data-driven decision making. We believe in long-term relationships with our customers and our decades’ long association with them is a proof of our bond. Even our relationships with our suppliers are also at the same level of commitment and association.

Strong Technical edge & economy of Scale

Economy of scale is achieved at GGL’s production facilities because of indigenous raw materials, highest market share in Pakistan, strong in-house R&D for new product development, apt technical personnel in designing & engineering of glass products and hands on experience on quality control procedures and implementations.

Own Nitrogen Processing plants

Float glass production facility has its own, two full fledged nitrogen processing plant which is a very integral element required during the production processes of float glass. Nitrogen processing plant, has the capacity to produce ample Nitrogen gas, used during tin bath of the float glass to make it oxide free, so as to facilitate bubble/distortion free production of float glass.

Ample space for project expansions

All production and manufacturing facilities of Ghani have ample of land to facilitate all kinds of massive future expansion projects. The support facilities to the plants are specially designed in a manner to aid the future expansions and augment new projects in the arena with great technical ease.

Alpha pharmaceutical container glass project in UAE

Another medal on the shoulder of the company is a joint venture project at Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, initiated in collaboration with Swicorp of Saudi Arabia, RAK Investment Authority, UAE & JS Group of Pakistan. This 40 ktpa containers glass plant is producing 600 million light weight (alpha) international quality pharmaceutical glass container bottles. This plant is the only one in MENA region with certified Class 100,000 Clean Room facility.

Production process control

Special emphasis is given on best manufacturing practices to improve efficiency in all aspects of production, ensuring delivery of highest quality glass products. Continued research and development also plays a pivotal role in improving efficiency and production control at GGL.

Focus on Safety

GGL is leading the glass industry of Pakistan by ensuring comprehensive in house and environment safety procedures implementation at all levels. Safety at sites creates positive employee morale to deliver quality to customers. Peak standards and safety procedures are being maintained at the production facilities to ensure green environment and positive society.

Emphasis on in plant quality

Regular quality audits are conducted within each plant to ensure continuous improvement and communicate best practices to the personnel. Strict quality control & international assurance standards are set up at plants, at all levels of production till final logistics.

Responsive production planning

Team works directly with customers to produce correct quantity on time in the most freight-logical manner. Incessant international consultants’ training & updating of internationally accredited production techniques are ensured at plants.

Own Power Generation plant and back up for furnaces

All production facilities have their own power generation plants and are not dependent on the electric supply from authorities. Moreover, they also possess a strong back up in case of any shortage in power supply. The glass plants producing float glass have their own nitrogen processing plant and all furnaces have a ready back up in case of shortage of supply of gas for furnaces. The production and its quality is not affected by any drop or shortage of electricity or gas.

Logistics support and control

Effective logistic control and material handling is yet another aspect in which Ghani has gained professional grip over the period of time. May it be logistics issues pertaining to container glass or float glass, Ghani has developed a highly professional mechanism to support and handle the logistics nationwide and ensure timely and flawless delivery of glass products at the door steps of its esteemed customers. Ghani also has a strong operational control on logistics globally. In short, Ghani produces quality and delivers quality