Because we care!

Ghani encourages and fully support with extensive zest and zeal, all environment friendly activities and endeavors. Ghani strives its level best to implement all environments related internationally accepted global standards. Nonetheless, Ghani hugely supports the concern for Green Environment and supports recycling of its products in every practical way as possible. Not only the environment in particular but also the healthy standards, like food safety standards, are being followed and maintained at our production facilities to ensure that the community gets the best of healthy environment is both atmosphere and within themselves.

Thus, we are leading the glass industry in supporting the green culture in manufacturing practices and are proud to have emission free glass production facilities even when the basic production process is initiated with a furnace. All our plants are ISO certified for environment protection and follow all internationally accepted standards of safety, to the highest degree. We know that glass is a unique packaging material that is 100% endlessly recyclable. Therefore, we are committed to sustainability at every level of our business. We apply a holistic approach that maximizes recycled content, optimizes furnace energy, and gradually integrates green energy sources to reduce our environmental impact. May it be containers division or float glass division, all production facilities have taken up serious and professional safety procedures and standards for environment control so as to ensure a green environment and hygienically manufactured glass products.