Tempered Glass

GVGL has three tempering furnaces. New furnaces from Europe has been installed and can temper glass from 2.5mm – 19mm thickness with max size of 8ft x 12ft.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a direct oufcome Of industiial revolution, Ghani Value Glass left no stone unturned to revolutionize the life in Pakistan. At Ghani Value Glass, the latest machines of the world have taken place to meet the growing needs of the day.
Tempered glass is more heat resistant and scratch resistant than non-treated glass. Outwardly tempered glass does not appear any different than the standard glass. Both types of glass
are made in varying sizes and thicknesses and can be colored or tinted.

Ghani Value Glass’s toughened glass is physically and thermally stems stronger than regular glass. The color, clarity, chemical composition and light transmission characteristics of it remains unchanged after tempering. Tempering does not reduce glass deflection under load. It breaks into small fragments, less likely to cause any injury.
Ghani tampered safety glass is used for building industry, motor vehicle industry, appliances manufacturing industry, refrigeration industry, ovens , fireplaces, etc. It is also used in furniture industry, and indoor & outdoor safety glass applications including doors , shower cabins, tub enclosures, shelves, interior partitions, escalators, stairways, squash courts, exterior panels and all other places where standard glass can pose a threat.

Size, locations and quantities of holes in tempered glass are governed by ASTM C1048 guidelines.

The machine, at Ghani Value Glass, has the facility to temper all kinds of flat glass.

Technical Specifications:

– Tempering glass thickness range 4-19 mm with tolerance +/- 0.2

Tempered glass products by Ghani Value Glass are compliant with:

– ASTM C 1036 Std specification for flat glass
– ASTM C 1048 Std specification for heat treated flat glass
– ANSI Z 97.1 American Std for safety glazing materials
– 16 CFR 1201 category 2 consumer product safety commission standard for architectural glazing materials